Miss  J

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     I am a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix located in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a propensity toward sadism, exploring fetishes and your darkest desires. I have been a professional for 9 years, learning and refining my skills to take you on a cultivated journey where you can give up control.   

     I believe BDSM is truly an art form and through this art how I express Myself to you but you have to be open-minded and trust Me to take control and take you to places you have never been.  Come to Me with an open mind and an open heart and you will have an experience that you won't soon forget, an experience that will have you coming back for more. 

     A friend of Mine told Me that most men are curious about submitting to a Woman and I find that to be true as well. Most men that have control of their everyday lives, career family want to give up that control to someone they trust and someone who can use it wisely and safely. A strong, powerful Woman who can take control and you can let go at least for a while. A Woman well versed in the art of dominating the male species. My years as a professional Dominatrix and in the lifestyle, I have realized that most men need some type of training and that training comes from a Dominant Woman. 

     It's time to begin your adventure with Me if you dare. Let My confidence, evil laugh, sexiness, and expertise change your life forever.  


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