Miss J's Rules 

<img alt="leather strap, boots, high heel boots, boot worship, leg worship, Mistress, Domme, Femdom" src="IMG_20170422_213304.jpg"

 1.  I am the boss and what I say goes. 
2.  You will refer to Me as Miss J  or Mistress J. 
3.  I DO NOT and WILL NOT provide any sexual favors so do NOT bother asking. 
4. There is a $100 deposit made to and I will provide you the email associated with that account.  I also take $50 deposits in the form of a  gift card from
5. I do NOT do same-day sessions and I want 24 hours notice if you want to see Me. 
6.  I do not mind communicating with you but do NOT waste My time with incessant emails, texts, or phone calls. 
7. I expect you to be well-groomed when you come to Me and do not wear cologne. 
8.   If you are requesting a certain attire, that I do not have, I will be happy to give you My size. 
9.  There is no nudity in My sessions and just remember My no always means no but your no may mean yes. 
10.  Bear in mind that our relationship may be casual but My decision to play with someone never is. 
11.  At My earliest convenience,  all emails will be attended to. 
12. Sloppiness, disrespect or not following directions and you will NOT get a follow-up email from Me. 
13. Respect My time and I will respect yours. 
14. I choose whom I want to play and if I feel we are not a good fit I will connect you with someone who is a better fit. 
15. I will not haggle the tribute for My time. 


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