Miss J's Rules 

<img alt="leather strap, boots, high heel boots, boot worship, leg worship, Mistress, Domme, Femdom" src="IMG_20170422_213304.jpg"

I used to have alot of rules. None of them really mattered. Now I have just a few. 

1. Just be as normal as fucking possible or as normal as can be in this realm. If you aren't a complete psycho you know what I mean. 

2. Don't be an asshole and treat me like your life and your time is worth more than mine and don't try to boss me. 

3. Be respectful of any directions I do give and be respectful of me and my space. 

4. Don't come to me stinky, good god almighty don't come here stinking. No, I am not religious either. 

5. I'm not screwing you and don't touch me unless you have special permission because you immediately get into the asshole zone and I for one am tired of dealing with assholes.   

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